‍Jill Davies

‍I feel incredibly lucky to have spent most of my life in the Devon countryside where I am immersed in nature and love every bit of it. I find it hard to believe the level of destruction and changes to the nature of our planet during my life so far and in which I play a part. Early in life, my study of Agriculture drew my interest to organic farming and community supported initiatives. My desire to help people be more connected to the earth and nature grew from this and after travelling and living in different communities, I came back home, to the South Hams, to run a smallholding, one of the first to open its gates to the public.

‍ For a number of years now I have worked in the community sector, setting up the Kingsbridge community garden and helping many other projects.

‍Active Hope is helping me focus less on my feelings of guilt and powerlessness in respect of the planetary crisis and to look at what I can do in helping to save our wonderful Earth. Experienced in permaculture, counselling, group work and delivering training, I am really grateful for the opportunity to help facilitate Active Hope sessions, contributing in bringing people together to find our own ways to help prevent the continual destruction of the world.

‍River King

‍I love living here in the South Hams, enjoying the beautiful countryside and coastline.  I like to be on the water in every way I can, most recently on a stand up paddle board.  I love all forms of nature, but particularly birds, and enjoy growing vegetables organically, doing this with a small group of friends as a mini-cooperative.

‍I have been a teacher, counsellor and group facilitator for many years, focussing my attention mostly on individual personal growth.  Now I am greatly concerned about the state of the planet and the ways that we humans are treating it, and have come to believe that the most effective way to improve things is for every single person to realise what is happening all around us.   We all have to do whatever we can to find creative ways forward.  This is why I have become involved in the Active Hope movement and am offering my skills for free for the benefit of all of us.

‍Caroline Born

‍    I am a writer and artist, and have taught and facilitated therapeutic movement work for many years. I worked in prisons, hospitals, schools and universities and led physical self-expressive workshops across the UK. I have explored different spiritual paths which led to me facilitating groups for those who wanted to create their own forms of ritual. 

‍    In the last few years chronic fatigue brought a deeper enquiry into my body awareness and states of ‘being’ which I now see as a gift. I discovered the joy of slow movement and the importance of being time rich and spacious especially in nature. Giving acceptance to the body is for me a microcosm of honouring the earth.

‍    Seeing thousands of school children marching across Europe in protest about climate change touched and inspired me, engaging my attention with the realities of our precarious planet.  I joined an Active Hope course which I found to be a sensitive and intelligent approach to the effects and realities of climate change. It was easier to meet these concerns face on in a supportive group. I now want to offer this experience to others by helping to facilitate this course for free. 

‍Conrad Born

‍    Falling in love with Planet Earth becomes a lifetime relationship. Like any relationship it has its ups and downs, yet more than anything I am and have for many decades considered my carbon footprint, and as I get older it is becoming an obsession. I have learnt to live in a small space and feel luxurious, I have learnt of the magical properties of water and to use it sparingly.

‍     I see that the combustion engine has to go....... just one drop of oil on water will spread over a diameter of 24feet. I see the necessity to take a few steps back in order to move forward, for example, using hand tools will bring us better health and slow the pace of life. 

‍    I have lived the life of a free spirit, using my practical abilities to sail in restricted waters without an engine, build a straw bale house, make do with recycled materials, refurbish the old to working order, to move gently upon the earth, to allow nature to be my TV.

‍    After years living deep in a Swedish forest 2 miles from tarmac and many more miles from a shop, I now live in the UK in a van on a little field and am building a shepherds hut all with recycled materials.

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