Joanna Macy is  co-author with Chris Johnsone of Active Hope.  She is an eminent and inspiring ecologist, buddhist and speaker.  She has written books and produced videos available on Youtube.

Charles Eisenstein - a visionary who questions all our unconscious cultural assumptions about how we live.  A rich feast for mind and heart.  See his youtube talks.

David Korten introduced the concept of the Great Turning.  In his book Change the Story Change the Future he describes a living economy for a living earth.

Al Gore is worth a visit at the climate reality project.


BBC Science and Environment  page often has interesting reports about the current world situation

National Geographic magazine has regular features.


Extinction Rebellion.  Sometimes shortened to XR is an international social movement that aims to drive radical change through non-violent resistance.

Greenpeace is a long established organisation that is very active and creative in the ways it chooses to make its points.

Campaign against Climate Change   They are very update date on what is going on.

Grist is  another well informed website with whole sections on Climate, Justice, Science and Food as well as offering to answer specific questions.


The UK Met office provides extensive information.

Skeptical Science provides scientific answers to the opinions of sceptics.

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