Short courses in Kingsbridge to help you find your way.

We run courses according to demand.  If there are enough enquiries we can start one quite soon. Otherwise our next course will begin in September.  

Learn new ways to respond positively to the present world crises. Find the inner resources to deal with issues that will really affect the future, such as climate change and the extinction of species.

Active Hope leads you towards a different way of thinking about the world.  It aims to help you deal with the challenges facing us in whatever way you choose.  We do not try to promote any particular kind of response.  In the past people have decided to take this forward in a variety of ways including living more sustainably, writing poetry, running meditation sessions, becoming an activist with Extinction Rebellion, working with young children and simply making changes in their home lives.  One person is planning to start natural bee keeping for the benefit of nature rather than taking honey. This course itself is our response to it all.

We will work together in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. There will be a mixture of helpful input and exercises to stimulate your mind and imagination alongside shared discussion, tea and cakes.

Live more positively for a better future without avoiding difficult issues. Meet people and make friends locally.  Find what you would feel good about doing to improve things.


We will be offering free introductory sessions so you will have the chance to meet us and see how we work

Courses run for eight  evenings.    The fee is based on costs of room hire, admin and materials, but will not be more than £25 for the whole course.  There will be no more than 16 participants.

Location Kingsbridge, Devon.

Leave us a message on the contact page and we will let you know when our next courses are planned

Click ACTIVE HOPE to go to Joanna Macy’s website.  She is the originator of this work.

Click who we are to read about the facilitators.


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